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15 Best Valentines Gifts for Car and Truck Lovers

15 Best Valentines Gifts for Car and Truck Lovers

Everyone knows that it can be daunting to track down the perfect gift for your Valentine, so we put together a list of 15 gift ideas to help you find the perfect one for your car lover.

1. Car Care Kit
Every car or truck lover enjoys spending time with their vehicle washing, waxing, polishing, and buffing. There is nothing like the joy of detailing your car with quality products. Try giving a Maguire’s detailing kit to bring a spark to your Valentine’s day.

2. GPS Tracking System
Tracking systems are compact and relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The peace of mind they offer is second to none. Imagine being able to locate your teenager who decided to take your car out for a joyride!

3. Auto Health Scanner
OBD2 scanning tools keep getting more affordable. Knowing you can help identify that squeak or clunk offers such relief when on a road trip.

4. Auto Vacuum
The difference a specifically engineered tool makes when cleaning is incredible! The attachments allow you to access those hard-to-reach places to make life so much easier. There is nothing quite like climbing into your spotless ride.

5. Emergency Kit
These kits are extremely valuable when stuck on the side of the road. They often have a small air compressor, jumper cables, batteries, screwdrivers, an emergency whistle, flashlight, bungee cords, and more. Remember to stuff a few grain bars and water in that bag just-in-case.

6. Car Cover
Keeping your prize possession covered helps preserve your car from weather damage. With all the time and energy your sweetie spends on their car, they are sure to love a cover sized just for their vehicle.

7. Jump Starter
These compact jump boxes are just the thing to keep in your car. They are easy to use, and in a pinch can be used to charge a cell phone or even be used to light your way. Jumpstarters are a perfect gift to make your loved one feel safe.

8. Steering Wheel Cover
Providing extra grip, a steering wheel cover can add style, elegance, or even a theme to your loved one’s car. They also keep your hands warm in the winter, cool in the summer and protect your steering wheel from the daily grind.

9. Phone Mount
This handy tool can allow your sweetie to drive undistracted, focusing more on the road and less on their phone. This gift is perfect for the person who is always using their phone’s GPS to help navigate the streets.

10. Driving Gloves
Driving your car wearing a new set of driving gloves can make you feel like a pro. Especially if you are driving a classic care. It may seem old fashioned; however, you may be surprised with the joy your partner gets when wearing these beauties while cruising down the highway.

11. Organizers
Whether it be a vehicle-specific trash can, or a trunk organizer, the peace of mind you will give your sweetie when they are driving, knowing that their milk, groceries, or leftovers are secure is sure to be seen as a gift of love.

12. Seat Gap Filler
Have your keys or cell phone ever slipped between the seat and canter console of your car? How frustrating this can be! A seat gap filler is a convenient catch-all to prevent this frustration and unwanted treasure hunt. They often offer additional compartments for cups and other extras.

13. Rear View Mirror Camera
A small device like a rearview camera is a significant safety upgrade for your sweetie’s vehicle. They are not terribly expensive and offer additional safety when backing up.

14. Tool Kit
Buying your partner a new tool kit shows them you really do care about the hours they spend doting on their ride. This gift is one way to let them know you are thinking of them and what they want.

15. Fender flares or vent visors
Vehicle specific accessories are an incredible gift to give your car lover. Knowing what it is that they drool over and going to the trouble of tracking them down is indeed a gift that will land you with extra brownie points as they brag about you to their friends.

We hope these 15 auto accessory gift ideas help inspire you when thinking of your sweet Valentine this February.

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